Fiskars X27, Super Splitting Axe


Fiskars Axe have always been top quality axes. We have been doing a lot research on beat splitting axes design and what companies produce the best axes. And with no surprise, Fiskar is one of the best companies when to comes to producing splitting axes. We’ve reviewed a 36-Inch axe from Fiskars and here is our review:

Splitting Axe Review


The quality of this fiskars x27 axe is remarkable. We have tested out this axe from many angles and on many objects, even though the Fiskars X27 is a wood-splitting axe, we ran some tests with it on plastic, wood and even small stones, and this axe chopped them all in half without any problems. The quality of the blade is very good too, not many splitting axes have such a good-quality blade, we ran the axe through hard tests and it still has a wonderfully sharp blade with no signs of rust or major scratches.


Splitting Axe Review


Durability of this fiskars x27 axe is amazing as well. This axe is made up of material which is way light as compared to steel and is way stronger than steel too. And this Fiskars Axe comes with a lifetime guarantee which is very rare when it comes to axes. The blade of this axe is extremely durable too, it is very sharp and light as well as extremely durable, we made it go through extreme durability tests and the blade came out without any major damage. This certainly is a top notch splitting axe when it comes to durability.

Splitting Axe Review



The design of this axe is really good. It is very light and looks very impressive, some even say its too good looking for an axe, but nothing can go wrong with good looks. The Fiskars X27 axe has a slim and light body with a sleek and stylish design, it would looks very impressive leaning against a wall in your garage/tool-shed. It has a very nice eye-catching stripe of bright orange on its tail and a nice black body other than that. It is very light and thus very easy to swing, this axe splits woods in literally one strike and it is extremely durable.


Overall, this Fiskars X27 axe is a very strong, light and durable axe. If you have a nice garden you want to maintain, this axe is perfect for you, if you need a stock of wood for this winter, get this axe. If you work as a carpenter and need to cut wood frequently, use this axe. This splitting axe has a wide range of uses, you can never go wrong with this axe, we highly recommend this fiskars x27 axe.



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